Never Lay Down e​.​p.

by Battery Humans

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released November 17, 2012



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Battery Humans UK

Hardcore punk band from the North-East of England, UK. Started in April of 2012 to express our thoughts, views and ideas on the world today. We like all sorts of music but Punk and in particular Hardcore punk has always been at the forefront and better expresses how we feel, you'll see that if you come to our live shows. Core members Nick on Guitar and Vocals, Guy on Drums and Vocals. Freedom. ... more

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Track Name: 01 Self Preservation
Lenny Bruce gagged, like smashing a mirror. Obsenity trials, that's the real horror. Self preservation. Banned from all venues, fear of the truth. Dead in the end, dead in the end there's the proof.
Track Name: 02 Nothing In Your Head
Sick of your cuts you can stick them up your arse. Sick of your lies and your fucking farse. Nothing in your head, nothing in your empty head. Nothing in your heart, nothing in your blackened heart. Fuck all your laws, this is our lives. I won't conform until the day I die. Nothing.
Track Name: 03 Mind Control
Falling like flies in a nuclear attack. Gunned down and slain but your mind doesn't see the facts. Blinded by mind control. Soak up the lies while you're shot in the back. Kicked in the ass but your mind doesn't see the facts.
Track Name: 04 Fuck You
You don't see it, you think you see it, you don't see it cos yer shit. We see it, we see it, we see that you are shit. Fuck you.
Track Name: 05 Get In Line
You are - controlled. You are part of the process, get in line. Break the ties that bind.
Track Name: 06 Deathwatch Beetle
Hairy black tower, scuttling fingers. Corruption and power, nausea lingers. Towering torture, smothering nature. Naked keystone, copse corpse bone. Deathwatch beetle, keeping vigil. These bottled spiders, they shall not wither. Lucid lunatics, that quake and quiver. Authentic hunters, in haunted corridors. Village of cracked heads, nailed to clouds.
Track Name: 07 Blood Of Innocents
Fe fi fo fum can you smell the blood of every innocent spilled through fucking war? Here's a gun and here's a bomb and here's a hole there is no fucking more. Blood of innocents. Tear the body and tear the mind and fear the soul is that your fucking game? Slaughter women and children slaughter animals it's just a fucking game. No more blood spilled pin your medals to your chest I hope they pierce your fucking blackened heart.
Track Name: 08 In Or Out
They want you in, they want you out. They're full of shit, without a fucking doubt. You hear the scream, you hear the cries. You know it's wrong but don't know fucling why.
Track Name: 10 Lay Down
Deceit and lies. You just take it. Don't have to take it. Just lay down. Take it.
Track Name: 10 Schitzo Trinity
Holy father - No divinity. Holy mother - No divinity. Holy brother - No divinity. Holy sister - No divinity. Schitzo trinity. Death of childhood - No divinity. Death of innocence - No divinity. Catholic arrogance - No divinity. Catholic pestilence - No divinity. Schitzo trinity.
Track Name: 11 Nuclear Black
Man's still in his pupae stage, yet our existence is compromised. We're waiting for nuclear black. An eternity of winter, where nothing ever grows. Waiting - There's no one left to trust, Waiting - The dawn will turn to dust, Waiting - Live our lives in constant fear, Waiting - As death draws near. A fireball in space, the end of the human race. We're waiting for nuclear black.
Track Name: 12 Tony Where
Cheesy grin, plastic smile - Murderer - War crimes you are vile - Murderer. Tony where, have you seen him - We aint seen him, Tony where, where's the wally? Wants to be European - Murderer - Someone hang this human being - Murderer.